As much as possible, our lab relies on tools and resources that are free and open source. Here is a non-exhaustive list of our favorite tools.


Jamovi is a user-friendly software to carry out a wide range of statistical analyses.

R and RStudio

We are new to R and RStudio, but the more we explore these tools, the more we like them and are moving away from more costly alternatives.

Open Science Framework

For most of our recent projects, material and files (data, codes, etc.) necessary to reproduce our findings were uploaded and made publicly available on the Open Science Framework (OSF).

ggplot 2

Maps for our research on implicit biases are often created with ggplot2 (one of the Tidyverse packages).

US Census Data

The decennial U.S. census and the American Community Survey (ACS) are rich sources of data that have made many of our recent projects possible.


We use Zotero to manage scientific sources and format reference lists.


This website was created with the Distill package.